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CBD Braga

On our online platform, you’ll find the best CBD products in mainland Portugal, including oils and flowers, to improve your quality of life. Sourcing high-quality CBD is now easier and safer than ever. Explore our wide selection of products and discover the beneficial effect CBD can have on your daily life. We’re ready to meet all your CBD needs.

  • Flor de Pipoca CBD

  • Pre-roll of GMO CBD cookies – 1.2g

  • Tangerine – Pre-rolled 13% CBD – 1,2g

  • Amnesia Haze CBD pre-roll – 1.2g

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    Malibu Exotic 5g Bolsa – 14% CBD

    Original price was: €32.50.Current price is: €27.50.
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    Green Gelato 5g Bolsa – 12% CBD

    Original price was: €27.95.Current price is: €22.95.
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    Lemon Tree 5g Bolsa – 16% CBD

    Original price was: €28.95.Current price is: €23.95.
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    Pistachio 5g Bolsa – 23% CBD

    Original price was: €29.95.Current price is: €24.95.
  • CBD for Sleep: 10% CBD Night Time Oil & 5% CBN (Cópia)

  • Sale!

    Tree CBD – 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €23.95.Current price is: €18.95.
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    Tree CBD – 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €42.95.Current price is: €35.95.
  • Sale!

    Tree CBD – 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €58.45.Current price is: €49.45.

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CBD oil

Produced from the hemp plant, the CBD oils we offer in our store are highly valued for making a significant contribution to well-being. Recognized for their relaxing and calming properties, these oils help reduce stress, improve sleep and promote balance between body and mind.

These oils, available in our store, are a natural and efficient way to absorb the benefits of hemp, making them a favorite choice for those in search of a holistic and natural approach to health care.

CBD flowers

Highly valued for their exceptional qualities and therapeutic potential, CBD flowers stand out in the world of CBD products, especially when purchased online. Coming directly from the hemp plant, these flowers represent a pure and concentrated source of CBD.

With their relaxing and calming effects, CBD flowers offer an excellent alternative for those looking for natural therapeutic benefits without breaking the bank. Each flower is carefully selected, ensuring that its inclusion in your wellness routine is both enriching and beneficial.

CBD hash

CBD Hash, one of our most exclusive products, stands out for its rich profile and potency, always remaining within the legal THC limits. This hemp concentrate is renowned for its purity and the intensity of its relaxing and calming effects, making it ideal for those seeking a deep therapeutic experience in full legal compliance.

Its composition guarantees not only a potent source of CBD, but also the certainty that the THC content does not exceed the limits set by law, thus ensuring a safe experience within the legal parameters. Each batch is rigorously selected and tested, promising added value and quality to your wellness routine without compromising safety.

CBD cosmetics

Our CBD cosmetics range, which includes creams, lotions and balms, combines CBD oil with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, providing moisturizing and targeted skin care. These products are ideal for treating specific areas, offering relief and therapeutic benefits, especially for skin conditions or superficial muscle discomfort.

In Portugal, our selection covers a variety of CBD cosmetic options, allowing you to choose the ideal product at an affordable price, for effective and practical integration into your personal care routine.

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CBD online

CBD flower

Elite CBD cannabis for your quality of life.

CBD Hash

Selected CBD hash with purity and potency at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the seeds used in your cannabis crops?

The seeds used in our cannabis crops are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of our products. We work with a variety of genetically optimized seeds for producing CBD- and HHC-rich flowers, including specific strains that are known for their robustness and rich cannabinoid profile. The choice of seeds is the basis for ensuring that the plant material meets our high quality standards.

What types of CBD and HHC products do you offer?

Our range of products extends from cannabis flowers and resins to oils, cosmetics and edibles. Each category is developed with a focus on quality, using cannabis extracts from controlled crops. In particular, our HHC products are formulated to provide a unique experience, while remaining within legal and safety parameters.

Are there regular promotions when buying cannabis products?

Yes, we regularly offer promotions on our cannabis products, including discounts on large purchases and special offers on new releases. We encourage our customers to subscribe to our newsletter to receive first-hand information on all our news and promotions.

How can I keep up to date with news and information about your cannabis products?

To receive the latest news and information about our cannabis products, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter. We also regularly update our blog with educational articles on the benefits of cannabis, new scientific research and tips on how to use the products.

How do you guarantee the quality of your cannabis products?

Quality is the cornerstone of our operation. From the very beginning, from the selection of the seeds for the crops to the final processing of the product, everything is rigorously monitored. We use sustainable cultivation methods and state-of-the-art extraction technology to preserve the plant’s beneficial compounds. Each batch of product is tested in independent laboratories to guarantee purity, potency and the absence of harmful substances.

Is there anything specific I should know about HHC products?

HHC products represent a new frontier in the cannabis market, offering unique experiences. It is important to note that although HHC shares similarities with other cannabinoids such as CBD, it has its own characteristics. We advise customers to start with smaller doses to understand how HHC affects them individually, ensuring a positive and safe experience. All our HHC products are tested to ensure they comply with legal THC limits, maintaining our commitment to safety and quality.