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CBD Porto

At CBD Porto, discover the top-of-the-range CBD products available throughout mainland Portugal, focused on your well-being. Purchasing high-quality CBD is now simple and safe with us. Browse our wide range and experience the positive impact of CBD on your daily life. We are dedicated to meeting all your CBD requirements.

  • Flor de Pipoca CBD

  • Pre-roll of GMO CBD cookies – 1.2g

  • Tangerine – Pre-rolled 13% CBD – 1,2g

  • Amnesia Haze CBD pre-roll – 1.2g

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    Malibu Exotic 5g Bolsa – 14% CBD

    Original price was: €32.50.Current price is: €27.50.
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    Green Gelato 5g Bolsa – 12% CBD

    Original price was: €27.95.Current price is: €22.95.
  • Sale!

    Lemon Tree 5g Bolsa – 16% CBD

    Original price was: €28.95.Current price is: €23.95.
  • Sale!

    Pistachio 5g Bolsa – 23% CBD

    Original price was: €29.95.Current price is: €24.95.
  • CBD for Sleep: 10% CBD Night Time Oil & 5% CBN (Cópia)

  • Sale!

    Tree CBD – 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €23.95.Current price is: €18.95.
  • Sale!

    Tree CBD – 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €42.95.Current price is: €35.95.
  • Sale!

    Tree CBD – 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Original price was: €58.45.Current price is: €49.45.

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CBD oil

CBD oil, obtained from hemp, is widely valued for its positive impact on general well-being. This oil is renowned for its tranquilizing and sedative qualities, helping to reduce stress, improve sleep and maintain physical and mental balance.

As a natural and effective way to enjoy the benefits of hemp, CBD oil has become a preferred choice for those in search of a holistic and organic health solution. Ideal for adding to your regular shopping, a session with CBD oil can be a transformative step on the health and wellness journey.

CBD flowers

CBD flowers, highly valued for their therapeutic characteristics and superior quality, are centerpieces in the CBD product range, particularly popular with online shoppers. Extracted naturally from hemp, these flowers represent a rich and authentic source of CBD.

With effects that promote relaxation and tranquillity, CBD flowers are an ideal option for those looking for therapeutic benefits in a natural and economical way. The careful selection of each flower under our store brand guarantees a valuable and positive contribution to your wellness routine, reinforcing the account of satisfying experiences with our products.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies, delicious and easy to use, represent an increasingly popular alternative to traditional CBD oils and flowers. Available in our CBD store, these gummies provide a discreet and convenient way to consume CBD, ideal for those who prefer not to smoke or who wish to avoid the taste of the oils. With a precise dosage, these gummies make controlling your CBD intake simple and effective.

Perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle, CBD gummies offer the same therapeutic benefits as other forms of CBD, but with the advantage of more cookies. To find out more, explore our selection.

CBD balm

CBD balms, like other topical products, are an exceptional choice for targeted benefits. In Portugal, it is common for these products to mix CBD oil with coconut oil, creating an application experience that nourishes and softens the skin. They are ideal for precise application to specific areas of the body, providing relief at points of tension or pain.

Healthcare professionals may suggest CBD balms as part of a care regimen, particularly for skin conditions or muscle discomfort. At our CBD store in Portugal, we offer a wide range of topical products, giving customers the freedom to choose the option that best suits their needs, at an affordable price, ensuring effective and convenient use of CBD.

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CBD flower

Elite CBD cannabis for your quality of life.

CBD Hash

Selected CBD hash with purity and potency at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD and how is it obtained?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant, a variety of Cannabis sativa. This compound has no psychotropic effects and is known for its therapeutic properties. CBD is extracted through processes that preserve quality and purity, resulting in CBD oil, CBD flowers and other products.

Where can I buy CBD in Porto?

In Porto, a vibrant city in Portugal, you can buy CBD in specialized stores or online. These stores offer a variety of CBD products, including oils, flowers and other items, all with guaranteed quality and origin.

How to choose high-quality CBD products?

When buying CBD, it is crucial to check the quality of the product. Look for reliable brands that use high-quality hemp and carry out rigorous tests. It is also important to check the concentration of CBD and the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes to guarantee the product’s effectiveness.

Is CBD legal in Portugal?

Yes, CBD is legal in Portugal, as long as it is derived from hemp and has a THC content below the legal limit. This makes Porto and other cities in Portugal ideal places to buy and use CBD products safely and with confidence.