Nepal Cream – 38.2% CBD Hash


The CBD Shop is pleased to present the exclusive Nepal Cream Hash, with a remarkable CBD concentration of 38.2%. This premium hash stands out for its incomparable power and is a distinguished favorite among connoisseurs. Its appearance is characterized by a glossy exterior that reveals a supple and tender heart, encapsulating the essence of luxury in every aspect. Nepal Cream is a comprehensive plant extract that includes a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and has a superior terpene profile.

Purchase this item and get 185-580 Points - a worth of 0.93-2.90
Purchase this item and get 185-580 Points - a worth of 0.93-2.90
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With its potency reaching 38.2% CBD, Nepal Cream provides a robust experience. It unfolds with a deep, creamy flavor and an aromatic profile that is both rich and enveloping, abundant in terpenes, phenols and cannabinoids for a complete experience.

It offers a deep, velvety flavor wrapped in a smooth, butter-like texture. The scent is a complex blend, going beyond traditional toffee to offer a sophisticated and long-lasting fragrance that enchants and invites you into a world of unique sensory pleasure.

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