Sour Banana – 16% CBD


Our Banana Sour CBD Flower, grown in the serene landscapes of Switzerland, offers a unique and delicious experience with a concentration of 16% CBD. This strain stands out for its distinctive banana flavor mixed with a subtle sour touch, making it a favorite among CBD users who appreciate a fruity yet spicy profile.

Purchase this item and get 92-1395 Points - a worth of 0.46-6.98
Purchase this item and get 92-1395 Points - a worth of 0.46-6.98
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Key features

Origin: Grown in Switzerland, known for its high-quality hemp cultivation and natural, ecological farming methods.

CBD content: Contains a 13% concentration of CBD, achieving a perfect balance between effectiveness and mildness.

Flavor Profile: A rare combination of sweet banana and a touch of sour, offering a unique and pleasant taste experience.

Aroma: The aroma mixes sweet and fruity notes with a spicy touch, enhancing the sensory experience.

Use: Suitable for day and night use, it is ideal for those seeking relaxation or a slight improvement in mood.

Safety and Compliance: Adheres to UK legal standards, with THC levels within the legal limit, guaranteeing a safe and compliant product.

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Banana Sour CBD Flower’s 13% CBD potency is ideal for relieving stress, increasing calm and improving mood without overwhelming effects.

Why choose Banana Sour CBD flower?

For CBD users who like a variation in their flavor profile, Banana Sour offers a unique taste that sets it apart from traditional varieties. Its Swiss origin guarantees quality and purity, ensuring an effective product that is pleasant to use.

Elevate your CBD experience with the unique and tasty Banana Sour CBD Flower, a perfect blend of natural wellness and exquisite flavor

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