Tangerine – Pre-rolled 13% CBD – 1,2g


Tangerine CBD Pre-Rolls, a vibrant escape into the world of CBD. Each pre-roll is meticulously filled with 1.2 grams of our Tangerine CBD, known for its 13% CBD content, offering a balanced yet lively experience.

Grown in the pristine landscapes of Switzerland, the tangy tangerine flavor of this variety is now conveniently available in a pre-release. Wrapped in premium RAW Rizla papers and protected in a Dooby tube for maximum freshness, these pre-rolls are a delicious way to revive your senses and enhance your day with the juicy essence of mandarin.

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Main features:

Origin: Grown with care in Switzerland, our Tangerine CBD Bud is a testament to the country’s commitment to quality and natural farming techniques, guaranteeing a first-rate product.

CBD content: With a 13% concentration of CBD, this bud offers a robust yet harmonious experience.

Taste profile: Tangerine CBD Bud is famous for its juicy tangerine flavor, enriched with a subtly earthy base for a truly refreshing taste.

Aroma: Expect a fragrant bouquet of sweet citrus notes, enhancing your environment with a calming and enlivening aroma.

Uses: Perfect for any time of day, Tangerine CBD Bud is your choice for relaxation or a moment of quiet concentration.

Legality and safety: THC levels are meticulously monitored in accordance with UK regulations.

Download the Certificate of Analysis here.

Why choose Tangerine CBD Bud?

Opt for our Tangerine CBD Bud when you’re looking for exceptional quality and delicious taste. The high CBD content and Swiss cultivation promise a superior experience. The bud’s appealing taste and aroma will enhance your enjoyment of CBD, making it a natural wellness choice and lifestyle.

Embark on a tasty journey with Tangerine CBD Bud, where each session is a step towards tranquillity.